The Irish Dancing community in New Zealand is small but very dedicated with numerous World Championship medal holders and recallers who regularly make the journey across the ocean to Feisanna in Australia, America and Europe. Irish dancing has become popular worldwide and in New Zealand there has never been such a demand to learn the intricacies and skills of hornpipes, reels and jigs.

The New Zealand Irish dancing schools are of a very high standard with professional teachers bringing their pupils up to a standard where many can compete with confidence and distinction in the annual World Championships in Ireland.

Situated deep in the southern hemisphere, There are multifarious events with Irish connections and connotations held weekly, monthly and annually. Some are major happenings attracting hundreds of spectators and participants, others are small homely affairs where strange faces are few but nonetheless welcome.

Did you know? -

"In the eighteen hundreds, the North Island of New Zealand was known as New Ulster, the South as New Leinster and Stewart Island as New Munster."

The 2010 New Zealand Championships are the only World Championship Qualifying event and took place October 6th - 8th in Wellington.

The 2010 New Zealand Championships are over for another year

Special Congratulations to the 2010 Scholarship Winners:

Lachlan Cassidy-Rowse, Kildunne, Wellington
Ashleigh John, Doyle Academy, Auckland

2010 TIDA NZ Championships

Southwards Theatre, Otaihanga Road, Paraparaumu

Mona Ni Rodaigh Ui Lionnain, ADCRG, Ireland

Darren Maguire, ADCRG, USA/London

Patricia Kennelly, ADCRG, USA


Chris McGory, USA

(WQ = World Qualifier)

Girls Under 7
(The Kelly Trophy, Donated by the Kelly Family)

1st Hannah Lowry, O’Neill

2nd Keely O’Grady, Kerry

3rd Clare Giles, Kildunne

4th Elizabeth Sullivan, Kildunne

5th Amelia Coyle, Kay-Hallissey

6th Ruby Christensen-Walden, Kildunne

Girls Under 8
(The Rose of Tralee Trophy, Donated by Patricia Kildunne-Budding ADCRG)

1st Lily Pierson, O’Neill
2nd Ruby Jane McLachlan, Kay-Hallissey

3rd Kirsten Hansen, Kay-Hallissey

4th Victoria Rose Manu, Kildunne

5th Shivani Parbhu, Kildunne

6th Kayla Horler, O’Neill

Girls Under 9
(The Corrogurm Trophy, Donated by John & Kathi Ryder)

1st Phoebe Rouse, O’Neill

2nd Ciara Walshe, Doyle

3rd Samantha Price, O’Neill

4th Ina Dempster, Doyle

5th Yasmin Kelly, Kildunne

6th Johanna Schott-Rodriguez, Kerry

7th Marion Hardwick, O’Neill

8th Harriet Teichert, Kildunne

Boys Under 9
(The Annie Doyle Memorial Trophy, Donated by The Doyle Family)

1st Harrison Bisphan, Kay-Hallissey

Girls Under 10
(The Ryder Trinity Trophy, Donated by Michelle Ryder)

1st Holly Lawson, Doyle WQ

2nd Annabelle Rouse, O’Neill WQ

3rd Shonagh Lowry, O’Neill WQ

4th Isabel Sullivan, O’Neill WQ

5th Hannah Kim, Kay-Hallissey WQ

6th Maeve Cleary, O’Neill

7th Brooklyn Riggs, Doyle

8th Molly Bentinck-Stokes, Doyle

Girls Under 11
(The O'Neill Trophy, Donated by the O'Neill School of Dance)

1st Samantha Tait, Kerry WQ

2nd Phoebe Hilliam, Kildunne WQ

3rd Olivia Ludgate, Kerry WQ

4th Shania Foon, Kildunne WQ

5th Emma Salzano, Kerry WQ

6th Jessica Patterson, Kerry

7th Bethany Petrovich, Kildunne

8th Teighan Sinclair, Kay-Hallissey

Boys 9-11
(The Antrim Trophy, Donated by The Scullion Family)

1st Liam Mooney, Doyle WQ

2nd Mitchell O’Hara, Kay-Hallissey WQ

3rd Matthew Lynch, Kerry WQ

4th Patrick Sharrow, Doyle

Girls Under 12
(The Lir Trophy. Donated by The Douglas School of Irish Dance)

1st Kuni Colleen Vidal, Kildunne WQ

2nd Olivia Dodson, Doyle WQ

3rd Nicola Prebble, Kay-Hallissey WQ

4th Georgia Christensen-Walden, Kildunne WQ

5th Vienna de Wit, O’Neill WQ

6th Rayner Clarke, Doyle

7th Mariah Unity Paine, Kildunne

8th Sophia Hogg, Kay-Hallissey

9th Whitney Burfield-Tatofi, O’Neill

Girls Under 13
(The Dublin Trophy, Donated by The Ahmed Family)

1st Hannah Shackley, O’Neill WQ

2nd Eleisha Foon, Kildunne WQ

3rd Emma Green, O’Neill WQ

4th Jessica Ludgate, Kerry WQ

5th Leisha Casy, Kildune WQ

Boys 11-13
(The Connolly Irish Dancing School Trophy, Donated by The Connolly Family)

1st Harry Bartlett, Doyle WQ

2nd Declan Weir, Doyle WQ

3rd Harry Adams, Doyle WQ

Girls Under 14
(The O'Sullivan Trophy, Donated by The O'Sullivan School of Irish Dancing)

1st Corey Bartlett, Doyle WQ

2nd Neve Saris, Kildunne WQ

3rd Chelsea Walker, O’Neill WQ

4th Crystal Espositio, O’Neill WQ

5th Sarah Trevalyan, Kay-Hallissey WQ

Girls Under 15

(The Cronin Trophy, Donated by Scoil Rince Cronin)

1st Tayla Kenyon, O’Neill WQ

2nd Abigail Warrington, Kay-Hallissey WQ

3rd Tegan Jennings, Kildunne WQ

4th Olivia Mortimer, Connolly WQ

5th Georgia Hogdson, Doyle WQ

6th Eleanor O’Toole, Kildunne

7th Grace Savage, Connolly

8th Kelsi Wallace, O’Neill

Boys 13-15
(The Kerry Trophy, Donated by Sharon Craig)

1st Lachlan Cassidy-Rowse, Kildunne WQ

2nd Patrick Hegarty, O’Neill WQ

3rd Caleb Hendry, Connolly WQ

Girls Under 16
(The Marion Catherine Diver Memorial Trophy, Donated by The Diver Family)

1st Charlotte Wright, Kildunne WQ

2nd Rachel Hamilton, O’Neill WQ

3rd = Janne Hoppe, O’Neill WQ & Milla Saris, Kildunne WQ

5th Caitlin Mahon, O’Neill WQ

Girls Under 17

(The William Murphy Memorial Trophy, Donated by Patricia Murphy)

1st = Olivia Esposito, O’Neill WQ and Olivia Masters, Doyle WQ

3rd Ciara Chester-Cronin, Connolly WQ

4th Callan Rose Greer, Kay-Hallissey WQ

5th Stephanie McGimpsey, O’Neil WQ

6th Brigid Lunberg, Kildunne

Boys 15-17
(The Ballinlough Trophy, Donated by Sean Hallissey)

1st Taylor Hann, O'Neill WQ

Ladies Under 18
(The Seaneen Copeland Trophy, Donated by Acadamh Rince na hEireann Copeland)

1st Ashleigh John, Doyle WQ

2nd Victoria Sharps, Kay-Hallissey WQ

3rd Charlotte Priestley, Doyle WQ

4th Emma Ahmed, Kay-Hallissey WQ

5th Lianna O’Connor, O’Neill WQ

Ladies Under 19
(The Tyrone Trophy, Donated by The Doran-Gregory School of Irish Dancing)

1st Kathryn Arnold, Kildunne WQ

2nd Roseanna Holmes, Kildunne WQ

3rd Tamsin Bertaud-Gandar, Kildunne WQ

4th Imogen Campbell WQ

Ladies 19-21
(The Gregan Trophy, Donated by The Gregan Sisters)

1st Rebecca Warrington, Kay-Hallissey WQ

2nd Emma Green, Kay-Hallissey WQ

3rd Johanna O’Brien, Kay-Hallissey WQ

4th Leeza Ericksen, Doyle WQ

5th Briony Larsen, Kildunne WQ

6th = Tara Ahmed, Kay-Hallissey WQ & Erin Saunders, Kay-Hallissey WQ

8th Jessie McGrath, Doyle WQ

9th Annette Evans, Connolly WQ

Senior Adult Ladies Over 21
(The Gregan Trophy, Donated by The Gregan Sisters)

1st Jo-Anna Stanbury, Kay-Hallissey WQ

2nd Kristina Craig, Kerry WQ

3rd Laura Young, Connolly WQ

Under 9 Yrs 3 Hand Composed

1st O’Neill A

2nd O’Neill B

3rd Kay-Hallissey B

4th Kildunne A

Under 9 Yrs 4 Hand Composed

1st O’Neill A

2nd O’Neill B

3rd Kildunne A

Under 9 yrs 4 Hand Commisson

1st Doyle A

2nd O’Neill A

3rd Kildunne A

4th Kerry A

Under 9 Yrs 6 Hand

1st Kildunne A

2nd O’Neill A

3rd Kerry A

Under 9 Yrs 8 Hand

1st O’Neill A
2nd Kildunne A

3rd Kerry A

9-13 Yrs 3 Hand Composed

1st Kildunne A

2nd Doyle B

3rd Kay-Hallissey A

4th O'Neill A

9-13 Yrs 4 Hand Composed

1st O’Neill B

2nd O’Neill C

3rd Kerry A

9-13 Yrs 4 Hand Commission

1st O’Neill C

2nd Kildunne A

3rd Kerry A

4th Kay-Hallissey B

5th O’Neill A

6th Doyle B

7th Kildunne B

8th Kerry B

9-13 Yrs 6 Hand

1st O’Neill B

2nd Kildunne A

3rd Kerry A

4th Doyle A

5th O’Neill A

9-13 Yrs 8 Hand

1st O’Neill A

2nd Doyle A

3rd Kildunne A

Under 13 yrs Open Composed Figure

1st Kildunne A

2nd Doyle A

Over 13 Yrs 3 Hand

1st Connolly B

2nd Kay-Hallissey A

3rd O’Neill A

4th O’Neill C

5th Kildunne B

6th Connolly A

Over 13 yrs 4 Hand Commission

1st O’Neill C

2nd Doyle C

3rd Kildunne A

4th O’Neill A

5th Connolly D

6th O’Neill D

7th Connolly B

8th Kildunne D

9th Doyle A

10th Doyle B

11th Kildunne B

Over 13 Yrs 4 Hand Composed

1st O’Neill A

2nd Connolly A

3rd Kildunne A

4th O’Neill C

5th Kay-Hallissey A

Over 13 yrs 6 Hand

1st Connolly B

2nd O’Neill C

3rd Kildunne A

4th Kildunne B

5th Doyle B

6th Kay-Hallissey B

Over 13 yrs 8 Hand

1st O’Neill B WQ

2nd Connolly B WQ

3rd O’Neill A WQ

4th Kildunne A WQ

5th Kay-Hallissey B WQ

Over 13 yrs Open Composed Figure

1st Connolly A WQ

2nd Kildunne A WQ

3rd Doyle A WQ

TIDA of NZ Travel Scholarship Winner

Lachlan Cassidy-Rowse, Kildunne, Wellington

Rodney Walshe Travel Scholarship Winner

Ashleigh John, Doyle Academy, Auckland

See the photos and the Parade of Champs here: