Most people with a lick of sense, could tell you we have been insulating our children from the realities of life for far too long. The results of this over protective insulation are being reflected in our society.

The nanny state has gradually tried to ban dodge ball, tag and sports in general in some schools, because "educators" say they can be too "risky" & "dangerous". Additionally, these games can promote a winner and loser mentality and some children might feel "left out". So we can't have any losers in nanny state land.

A new study suggests that efforts to regulate playgrounds into "safety first" areas, may actually stunt children's development. The "new "risk free" playgrounds that have replaced the playgrounds of our youth reflect this attitude. Children are being deprived of challenges and a sense of accomplishment by not allowing them to face challenges on the playgrounds. This over protective mentality can leave children with a sense of anxiety and fear that is far more harmful than cuts, scrapes or broken bones.

We grew up with rope swings from a tree, ten foot high play structures, playground teeter totters and swings, bike riding, tag, dodge ball and contact sports. Our trusty dogs followed us everywhere playing right along with us. We learned the "ropes" early, through trial and error, via: cuts, scrapes, dog bites, an occasional broken bone, just how to play with others and how to compete.

We found at an early age there were consequences to bad decisions, especially those decisions involving fire and touching. Heights and falling. Speed and collisions.

In our childhood we discovered the art of competition, what a sense of accomplishment we felt to win by our own efforts. But very importantly, what it felt like to lose and suffer those consequences. But the key to losing was to learn from the experience and get back in the game and try again and again. That was so preparatory for what we would expect in the real world.

You can witness the result of the nanny state as America drowns in debt trying to prop up a society where there can be no losers. We bail out companies, institutions & governments that are "too big to fail". We reward the bad behavior which lead those entities to failure in the first place.

The real playground of life has winners and losers and occasionally you get cuts, scapes and broken bones. Deal with it.

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