Hi Fellow IrishCentral members,

We need your continued help and support.

I appreciate all the support and encouragement, I can write a book on how it's so hard to start something when you're the new kid on the block. Your overwhelming help and enthusiasm is breathtaking and rewarding. The support for a good cultural event for both children and adults is both far and few. We have plenty of music and drinking festivals, and they get mega support from all the big companies. The world is still very oblivious to our culture, language, traditions, pride and of all our accomplishments people seem to forget that Ireland saved the culture of the Western World.

Riverdance and Lord of the Dance put us on the map for a while, but we are so much more than even that, our historians, authors, play writes, illustrators, artists, musicians, dancers, performers, producers, educators, media, medical, business owners, leaders, politicians and cultural forums made great strides and substantial accomplishments the last century. We, as a people need to get more recognition and acknowledgement for this.

The economy and the world has changed in the last few years. The influx of new immigrants has dwindled and the economy is effected world wide. I see it in my classes, and teachers from other schools say the same. All the cultural activities and the extra curricular activities are the first to go, people are not going out and surrounding businesses are effected.

We need to stick together as a people from Ireland to Our land and all the celtic nations and vice versa, We need to promote our children, give them the fundamentals and foundation of our culture. Its up to us to keep the traditions alive.


The Big Apple Feis Presenters is dedicated to bringing performing artists and audiences together in every place and way imaginable. The Big Apple Feis achieves its goal by providing visionary thinking, professional development, resource sharing and advocacy in support of its colleagues and all those who Create and disseminate the performing arts.

It is the beauty and athleticism of Irish Dance and the common Celtic heritage that binds the peoples of Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australasia together. More importantly it is a gathering of an extended Family of dancers, teachers, parents, officials friends and fans. This huge influx of people will bring enormous spending power and opportunities for local businesses, travel companies and hotels in The New York and Mid Atlantic Region generally. Because of the diverse origins from which the patrons will come, it is also an enormous resource into which the international business community can be part of.

Niall Gibbons, the head of Tourism Ireland, was appointed as the new chief executive of Tourism Ireland in July of 2009 and wants to promote Ireland as fun, engaging and spontaneous. He states in one of his interviews that, "I think the culture of the island is the DNA. We can do allot with advertising, but underneath that people want to be able to experience the people, the warmth, the music, the food, the craic. And I can see us connecting with that for years to come." Our venue theme is different and will open up Irish Culture to a broader audience, a world wide audience as well incorporating one of the biggest parades in NYC and St. Patrick's Day celebrations.


Our link to our website is www.bigapplefeis.com

Special St. Patrick's week rate at the Hilton Hotel is $179.00 per night