An actor from the movie Inglorious Basterds has threatened Mel Gibson with a baseball bat to the head, calling for "euthanasia" on the actor in a "Mel-o-caust."

The excerpt from the TMZ show is blurbed on its website with the following inadequate description: "Today on TMZ Live -- Eli "The Bear Jew" Roth stopped by to say he's ready to smack Mel Gibson upside the head with his "Inglourious Basterds" bat."

"Smack" is an understatement.

When Roth appeared on the show (by chance, "in the middle of his run") he was full of "glee," he said, because of what Mel Gibson had done.

You can watch his performance here.

During it, Roth said about Gibson:
"we'll euthanize him."
"he's a Holocaust denier"
"we're going to have a Mel-o-caust"
"we're just going to take the baseball swing on the side of his head"

Roth is a star of last year's anti-Nazi movie--Inglourious Basterds, with an 'e'--based on the older classic, Inglourious Bastards, with an 'a.' The difference between the older movie and the newer one, is that the team of Americans that destroy Hitler and the Nazis is originally multi-ethnic American, but exclusively Jewish American in the remake.

Roth appeared on the show in gym clothes, as though he had just jogged onto set from a run. The segment in fact was much more rehearsed than it was presented to be. A clip from the movie Inglourious Basterds was incorporated into Roth's appearance on TMZ and aired on television, but was then removed from the Internet version of the same appearance. The scene shows Roth in the character Sgt. Donny Donowitz using a baseball bat to execute a Nazi.

After Roth made his comments, Levin asked if the media coverage of Gibson's sickening private demons would "kill Gibson's career."

Roth predicted it would, calling for a boycott. "He's the perfect villain now."

Roth made his baseball bat threat in a half-joking tone. He also contextualized his threat within Gibson's own alleged threats to hit his wife with a bat.

Gibson's wife, Oksana Grigorieva tells Gibson on one of the tapes that he "needs medication," to which Mel screams:
‘I need medication!? You need a f***g bat on the side of the head. How about that? You need a f***g doctor. You need a f***g brain transplant. You need a f***g soul.'

Gibson has really become an unsympathetic character, and comparisons were made to Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame.

When asked about Michael Richards, Roth said "he (Richards) had a really funny set at a comedy club." After excusing his behavior, Roth said "I'm not excusing his behavior," and then made more excuses for the Seinfeld actor who cursed Black audience members at a club last year with racist words and nostalgic images of lynching.

It was truly remarkable that Roth decided to use the Mel Gibson private divorce tapes to execute Gibson, but also to exonerate Michael Richards, whose immortal rant begins with "fifty years ago we'd have you upside down..."

Richards public display exposes a lyching fantasy. Gibson's comments may also have gone that far, but I haven't studied his work or his stupid comments well enough to know his heart. Whoopi Goldberg says Gibson is not racist. Richards did not have defenders like that, except now in Roth.

"As a Jew," Roth went on to say, "we love seeing this guy [Gibson] get it, because his father Hutton Gibson is a white supremacist. He goes on white supremacist radio programs. His father is a Holocaust denier and his excuse is that all the Jews just moved to New York and Los Angeles."

Before Roth's appearance, the host of TMZ--Harvey Levin--spent the bulk of the show answering viewer questions with Max Hodges on camera. He talked about allegations that Mel Gibson beat his wife and broke her tooth. If Gibson had not beaten his wife, she may not have feared for her life, which would make her recording of their private conversations a felony in California.

Incidentally, the original Inglorious Bastards is closer to actual events during World War II in that many many ethnic groups (Irish and Jewish among them) died to kill the Nazis and liberate all Europeans from those stupid bastards.