The masked and heavily armed shooter burst into the crowded Aurora Colorado theater, threw a gas canister of some kind,  then opened up with semi-automatic weapons into the confused and horrified crowd.  The attack seemed thoroughly planned, the gunman wore a gas mask and had full body armor on. He was immune to the effects of the gas and in case any among the crowd was armed,  he was protected. 

In the wake of this brutal assault, 12 lay dead and perhaps another 50 lay wounded amongst the mostly young crowd who had jammed the theater to see the opening night of the new Batman movie, "Dark Knight Rising."

But while the smoke still swirled in that tragic theatre, news first hit the wires the shooters name was Jim Holmes....Internet search engines immediately were engaged to look him up to see if he was a registered Republican or if he was a member of the Tea Party.

This is shades of  the Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona.  Almost as soon as the shooting happened the media and local partisan politicians immediately assumed this was a  Tea Party inspired shooting and went about to make it a fact by stating it early and often. 

The main stream media had almost everyone convinced the Gabby Giffords shooter was a crazed Tea Party member.  Only later did the real facts emerge that the shooter was an unstable, delusional lone gunman,.

In the Giffords shooting, the media made up a story and went with it, regardless of the facts...It fit a pre conceived idea they had about the Tea Party and it conveniently fit a narrative they wanted to build about the need for gun control and make an assault on our 2nd Amendment rights...It was a two-fer.

Read about Gabby Giffords here:

Left wing jumped the gun in Tucson shooting

This morning the main stream media was chomping at the bit to pin this on the Tea Party.

On ABC's Good Morning America, Former Clinton media adviser and Democrat operative, George Stephanopolous,  breathlessly interviewed Brian Ross on the scene in Colorado.  Ross reported the shooter might be a member of the Tea Party as he had found a man by the name of Jim Holmes registered as an Aurora Colorado member.

Here is the interchange as reported in Breitbart News: The Usual Suspects: ABC's Ross, Stephanolpoulos Point to Tea Party in Dark Knight Shooting UPDATE: Wrong Jim Holmes?

The mainstream media and politicians should be careful to jump the gun again in this tragedy, or else they could be thoroughly discredited and embarrassed like they were after the Gabby Giffords shooting. Lets wait to see all of the facts come out about this tragedy before jumping to conclusions.

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