When I went to grade school, one of the first field trips our class made, was to a hydro electric dam.

After the hour ride, the bus parked and we were taken for a guided tour through a maze of machinery, deep inside the main power generating operations of a massive hydro electric dam. 

I never forgot that day, as the manager of the complex proudly explained how electricity was produced by water turning the blades of the huge generators and how it flowed through power lines to everyone in the community

This education was provided at an early impressionable age and gave me the basic knowledge of how power is produced and relayed to every home and factory in America. We went on to learn, with coal, oil, gas, or nuclear; the principle was the same…Produce energy at an affordable price to power our modern society.

We also learned that protecting the environment was important, as stringent controls were put on our power producing facilities.  Soon the skies of our cities were clear as those laws took effect. We all breathed easier.

But something happened in intervening years and a new message has come out to our children.  Instead of taking a field trip to a local power generating plant to see how wonderful modern power is for our country, children were treated to an Al Gore movie. His movie, “The Inconvenient Truth,” shows the earth is on the edge of an environmental disaster caused by the very fuels that power our society.

 Although Al Gore has been preaching disaster for many years and claimed his version of climate science is settled “science,” ……Thousands of scientists/physicists/phd’s/ meteorologists and others,  very much disagree with his facts. See it here

So why did many of our public schools decide to force our young children to watch the Al Gore climate movie without first questioning the truth of his science?  That’s a good question and needs to be answered. What is the agenda

 Since the Gore movie was released in 2006, it has been shown to millions of school age children and portrayed as scientific fact.  It has scared them.  It leads them to believe that fossil energy is evil and the use of it will mean the destruction of the earth. Read: Polar bears thriving, Al Gore melts down

Along with the anti fossil fuel message;  a line of thought set on the destruction of many of our hydro electric dams is starting to creep in.  The dam destruction is done in the name of restoring our environment to its original condition…before the presence of modern man spoiled it.

Of course nuclear power has been maligned so long it will never get over the stigma of being non earth friendly.

 That leaves us with wind/solar/bio fuels and unicorn dust to power our modern society. Which if past performance and present technology demonstrate, there is a dark and bankrupt future in store for our country.

An interesting video was sent my way a few days ago.  These are University of Chicago students who are speaking about having their school and other institutions divest themselves of fossil energy investments. See it here

As you can see, they lack an understanding of what comes next.  What approved method of power will take the place of our carbon based energy they are so fearful of? 

These kids were freshmen in high school when they first viewed the Al Gore film and it seems they never got an alternate message to it.  I’ll also suppose they never were able to take a field trip to a local power generating facility to see exactly what it takes to turn on the lights and heat their homes.

Perhaps it's time to revise our school curriculum's, to be more rounded and show the other side of the war on our energy sector...Just what the consequences will be if our country "divests itself" of our fossil energy.