Kruise for Kids to Benefit Project Children

Myself and my husband have been involved with Project Children for many years, We host children from Northern Ireland for the summer. The rewards on both sides are unbelievably rewarding. This extension of family on both sides of the world makes our lives more full-filling. We are also involved with the intern program that brings out young college students from Queens University, Belfast. The Interns travel down to New Orleans to help build a house with Habitat For Humanity and after 10 days of hard work, they are placed with companies throughout the country to work as interns in their field of study. Some of the children are dancers and have the opportunity to compete and see what the lifestyles of American dancers and competitions are like compared to back in their home towns. As some of you know, Gerard came out to us when he was 9 years old on Project Children. We took him and several other children out year after year. He was the only one of the group that danced, and can he dance........................ Five time World Champion. He is a certified Irish Dancing Teacher and he just opened his school in Belfast and Birmingham, England.
This is a great cause, so try to come out and enjoy the Kruse For Kids
Wednesday, June 9

Kruise for Kids
to Benefit Project Children