Peter J. Koutoujian
After a very successful first year as Sheriff of Middlesex, Peter J. Koutoujian has set his sights on the United States Congress. Congressman Ed Markey is the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate and Koutoujian is confident that Markey will be victorious in the June 25th election, which would open his Congress seat to a new contender.

Koutoujian, whose mother (Connie) is an active member of the local Irish community, has a career in the public and law sectors spanning over two decades. A lawyer by trade, the current sheriff was elected as a state representative in 1996 and held several leadership positions. He was instrumental in the reform of laws including the workplace smoking ban and the legislation of new school nutrition guidelines. Koutoujian also led efforts for suicide prevention and victims’ rights.

In January 2011, Koutoujian was appointed Middlesex County Sheriff by Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick. Within his first year in the post he has utilized his experience in the law and public sector to implement multiple new programs and policies affecting both employees and inmates alike with the aim of improving the overall system and creating more productive citizens upon release from custody.

In anticipation of a successful result for Ed Markey in the Senate elections next month, Koutoujian hopes to replace him in the United States Congress and has announced the formation of a federal campaign committee to explore running for the 5th Congressional District.

“My goal has always been to serve the people I represent with honor, respect and pride” said Koutoujian in a recent statement. “Growing up in Waltham, I was taught by my parents - both public servants - about the responsibility our elected officials have to those they represent. Throughout my nearly 25 years in public service as a former prosecutor, State Representative and now as Sheriff, that sense of responsibility has served as my guiding principal and is why I would be honored to continue to represent in Congress the district that’s always been home to me.”