Today's leadership in Washington seems determined to lower the tide in order to make everyone equal...It is so counter intuitive to what we have always known as a country of greatness. That attitude is so Carteresque, putting America in an economic and spiritual malaise....I am wearing my sweater as I write this.

The launching of the last shuttle, our last manned space vehicle, made me think of President Kennedy who challenged us as a nation to land mankind on the moon....and we did it!

Our charismatic, short lived leader made an indelible mark on our country. He had a vision for us and was able to state it in such a way that we could believe in ourselves. In his brief time, he inspired us to push beyond our limitations as a country to reach our full potential.

President Kennedy urged us to become active participants and workers in the American dream. His motto of "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what can you do for your country", was as inspiring then as it is now, for those of us who remember.

Todays leadership is a far cry from that of JFK's. Now it seems the mentality is: "ask not what you can do for your country, but what can your country do for you". "Shared sacrifice" is the new mantra.

Would President Kennedy, if he was our leader today, let our manned space program be grounded? I think not. Especially if we had now put ourselves at the mercy of the Russians to launch our Astronauts into space. Possibly we can ask the Iranians for a lift since they have their own space program.

Until we get better leadership in Washington, look for more scaling back of America's greatness and innovation.

More government doesn't lead us out of these doldrums, that is never the answer. But a great leader knows how to inspire the American spirit and once that spirit is awakened, we can do anything.

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