Posted by Kelly Fincham at 7/21/2009 11:20 AM EDT

And so to the High Court in Dublin where uber-developer Sean Dunne is in a row with CB Richard Ellis over alleged unpaid fees of €1.5m ($2.1m)

It appears that Dunne can't make the court date because he MIGHT have come down with Swine Flu.

A newspaper report today says: "His doctor told the court he has a viral illness and that swabs have been sent off to a lab to establish whether he has the H1N1 strain of Swine Flu."

The judge however has ruled that the case can indeed go ahead.

Is Dunner telling porkies?

The case, for those of you still paying attention, centers on unpaid fees in relation to Dunne's €130 million ($184m) purchase of Hume House in Dublin.

CBRE is suing Dunne personally for €1.5 million ($2.1m) in unpaid fees while Dunne lodged a €35 million ($49m) counterclaim against the real estate agents saying they breached their professional duty and concealed information from him.