Buzzfeed America may have made some serious enemies in the form of Irish foodies everywhere with the release of their video “Americans Taste Test Irish Snacks.”

Where do they go wrong? Well from the choice of music, which would be fitting in “Darby O’Gill and the Little People,” to the fact that they selected the most random collection of “Irish” snacks (Mikado biscuits, sherbet dib dabs and black pudding or “blood sausage,” as they call it), to their reactions, it’s all a little much to take!

Here’s the video. See what you think.

Well! Where to start.

So these are Irish snacks. Born and bred in Ireland I can’t remember the last time I grabbed myself a sherbet dip dab or a bit of black pudding between meals to see me through to dinner time. Why didn’t they munch down on some more realistic brown bread, butter and cheese, or if their MO is to select junk food what about a proper packet of crisps?

If you’re going to go for Tayto crisps, well even the most novice traveler to Ireland knows that cheese and onion is the signature Irish flavor. Even so, how is it that one of the tasters thinks smoky bacon crisps “smell like flowers”? That’s just plain weird.

Now for Jam Mallows (aka Mikados). How is this representative of Irish biscuits? Again, anyone who has spent any time in Ireland at Christmas or at an Irish granny’s house knows that a box of USA biscuits (yes, the one in the red tin) is yer only man. Basically, we’re talking the pink wafers, bourbon creams, jammy dodgers and chocolate covered digestives. It’s Irish biscuit 101.

As for a Cadbury’s Turkish chocolate bar…the rose water flavored sweet gelatin inside is, funnily enough, from Turkey! Why would you test an Irish chocolate bar and not go for the purist form? Cadbury’s chocolate is infinitely better than America’s Hershey’s. Just the sniff of a piece of Cadbury’s chocolate can cause a mini-riot in our office of ex-pats. We’re purists. Stick with the good pure chocolate.

Dib dabs are great…when you’re ten. I mean apart from the obvious visual similarities to a baggy full of cocaine there ends the comedy. And isn’t there an American equivalent, Fun Dip? Not to mention Pixie Stix. Don’t act like you’ve never seen powdered candy before.

Last, but oh so not least, the blood sausage. Black pudding is a staple of the beloved Irish fry and in this writer’s opinion it's delicious. However it’s obviously not to everyone’s taste. Is it really such a big deal that it’s made from blood? Guess what the Brits’ steak and kidney pies are made from?!

It would give our office crew such satisfaction to create a similar tasting testing of American food. Where should we start? The butter that tastes of nothing? The white bread that’s so sugary it could give you a headache?

Maybe we’re better off just educating them. What would you have an American taste as a proper introduction to Irish food?