Rob Kelly , the Irish rapper from Wexford, has been getting shout outs on BBC and Twitter this week from fans who think he’s the next big thing in Irish music.

BBC DJ Charlie Sloth filling in for Tim Westwood, on X1tra, asked, “Anyone know about Rob Kelly?”

A stunned silence fills the room. Sloth adds “This guy’s from Ireland. He’s the biggest Irish rapper”

However, as soon as the song was over, Tinchy Stryder and Ruff Sqwad had nothing but good things to say.

“I like that I like that. I like that he’s rapping about where he’s from. It’s mad different.”

Another member of the group said “He’s rapping to where he’s from”

Irish American Dublin-based comedian Des Bishop also re-tweeted The Rubberbandit’s message which said, “Fair play to @RobHKelly. Irish Rap is getting respect from some legends”
Could Rob Kelly be the next big thing? What do you think of the song?

Here’s the tune:

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