Kathleen Gallagher celebrates her birthday
with friends at the CARA Club.
Cara Club ~ Brighton
A large crowd attended our afternoon in Brighton this week. We were joined by Mairead Van Heest who shared her secrets of hosting and catering a Thanksgiving Party and other festive dinners. A big thanks to Mairead for her time and energy this week! We all feel prepared to throw the perfect party now! Also a huge thanks to all our volunteers at the Cara Club who make the afternoon such a success, as always. We look forward to seeing you all on the 26th!
Café Eireann ~ Dorchester
Due to Thanksgiving and Holiday preparations Café Eireann did not meet this week. On Wednesday the 28th we will be joined by Lisa Harris to discuss Senior Whole Health. We look forward to seeing you all then!
5 Easy ways to help prevent diabetes
Diabetes has long been called the ‘lifestyle disease’ as it has huge connections with the way we live our lives. New research has shown that we can dramatically reduce the risk of diabetes in 5 easy steps.
Marcella Kennefick and Rose Cleary take time to dance
following the IPC's Monthly Mass & Luncheon.
1. Eat Breakfast. Research from the University of Minnesota has shown that eating breakfast with a few hours of getting up can reduce the risk of diabetes by 34%
2. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleeping less than six hours a night is associated with a 60% higher rate of diabetes, results from the Boston Area Community Health Pre-Diabetes Study show. This may be because when our body is tired it craves sugar and salt. "The first strategy for a longer night's sleep is to get the TV, computer and phone out of the bedroom," says Rebecca Piccolo, a biostatistician at New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Mass.
3. Get your five (or six) a day. Those who ate the most fruits and vegetables each week (typically six servings a day) had a 21% lower risk of developing diabetes over 11 years than did those who ate the least (typically only two servings a day), new research finds.
4. Stub out the cigarettes. Smoking raises your likelihood of developing diabetes by 40%. Now new research finds that you can dramatically lower that risk by quitting.
5. Move your body! Regular aerobic exercise helps prevent diabetes in multiple ways: It keeps you trim, helps control your cholesterol and blood pressure, and regulates insulin production.
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