IPC computer whizzes, some participants and BC students

As usual a great time was had at the ICCNE in Canton. Fintan Stanley kept us all on the dance floor with some great Irish tunes. Thanks to all whom called ahead to reserve a spot to ensure we don’t overcrowd the hall. Huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers who made the event run so smoothly. We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday, May 16th again! The City of Boston Elderly Commission will host the Boston Senior Games; billiards and bowling, on May 10 at Boston Bowl, Dorchester. The IPC invites those interested in bowling to join us! Amateurs, ten pin connoisseurs and everything in-between are welcome to join us. Contact Eileen on 617.265.5300 for more information!

Lucky strike – The IPC goes bowling
Computers lessons at the IPC

This Tuesday sees the end of our computer lessons here at the IPC. For the last few months a dedicated bunch of undergraduate students from Boston College have been sharing tips, knowledge and laughs with our seniors. All have really enjoyed the lessons. A huge thanks to the BC students for sharing their time and such a wonderful experience with us!

Get Happy with the IPC

Studies show that America's happiest people get at least two hours a day of interaction with friends or family. If you proactively choose the right social network, bliss and happiness can be contagious. Harvard University research found that with each happy friend we add to our social circle, our own happiness grows by 9 percent. For each unhappy friend, our happiness declines by 7 percent. So find people you like, and commit to routines that put you in contact with them regularly. All the best people are at IPC coffee groups! Mondays in Brighton at the Veronica Smith Centre from 1pm and Wednesdays at the IPC in Dorchester from 10am. Come find some more happiness, baked goodies and hot Irish tea!!
Please feel free to call Eileen at 617 265 5300 x 13 for more information on IPC Senior Citizen Outreach Program activities and services