Texting on the toilet is the norm

One in three Irish people use their cell phones in the bathroom, with a whopping 27 percent texting while actually on the toilet.

According to Eircom’s latest Household Sentiment Survey, phone addiction is most prevalent among younger generations with 37 percent of those aged 16-34 admitting using their phones while on the toilet.

In an ironic twist 20 percent of that age group managed to drop their mobiles down the toilet.

The study showed that 71 percent of people use their Smartphone while sitting in their car and 51 percent use it on public transport.

The research found that 1.3million people wish to stay connected 24/7 and that almost one million Irish people check their email first thing in the morning.

It seems the Irish are a nation of workaholics as well as over 250,000 admitted to checking work emails on holidays.

Some key findings included:

•    The Irish home now has four potential online devices
•    Tablet ownership has doubled in the last 6 months
•    1.2 million of us will have access to a tablet by the end of the year
•    63% of the nation use the internet to diagnose symptoms when ill
•    Twice as many of us believe that men are more tech savvy than women, despite higher female smartphone ownership

The survey also found that Smartphone ownership among Irish is on the rise, up 39 percent to 50 percent in the last six months.