Gov. Patrick Proclaims September 15 – 22 'Welcoming Week': Celebrate with Us! Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a proclamation recognizing Welcoming Week, and acknowledging a direct connection between the State’s aspirations for prosperity, economic growth and global competitiveness and the need to build welcoming communities. The proclamation states:

"...We must create welcoming communities that leverage the full potential of all who live there and capitalize on diverse perspectives, cultures and talents.... During National Welcoming Week, we encourage all residents of the Commonwealth to celebrate the spirit of welcoming and coming together to build communities where every resident has the opportunity to contribute his or her best"
Join Welcoming Massachusetts in this week of activities that range from arts and cultural events to joint outreach projects, all designed to promote integration and positive dialogue between immigrants and non-immigrants. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about each other and work together for the greater good.