Traditional Irish family plaid tartans never existed

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Irish Family Tartans never existed

For 30 years folks have asked me “what is my Irish
Family Tartan”. More and more people are finding out
that there is no such thing, and that there never was.
(Family plaids or tartans are a Scots tradition, and by
all means enjoy them - but do not buy into the lie
that there are “Irish Family Tartans”.) Never were,
and your ancestors would roll over in their graves
laughing if they saw such nonsense today.

Someone Wrote a Book
A few years back someone wrote a book and decided to
“assign” tartans to Irish families. This book has sold a lot
of Tartan cloth I am sure. It is totally unfounded. Some
people will try to sell you an ‘Irish family tartan’ to this day.
They are either misinformed, silly, or just trying to
make a buck.

Don’t be a Fool
I like tartans, and fully support anyone who wants to
adopt a plaid because they like it. But if you think there
is a direct tie to the history of your old Irish family, you have
been badly fooled.
Pay proper respect to your family, and history. Spread the word
this year about Irish family tartans. “Never was such a thing”.
No, Nay, Never, No More…..

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