Let's face it. When Ireland can do something better than America, you know you're in trouble.

Private health care in Ireland costs, on average, about $60 a month for a single person.

Private health care in America costs, on average, about $500 a month for a single person.

That's if you can find an individual plan to take you.

For employers, it's even more expensive. About $600 for a single worker going up to roughly $1,300 for a family. A month.

How can anyone; Republican or Democrat really believe - in a recession no less - that businesses should be liable for health care costs?

How are we ever going to get out of this recession if small businesses are hobbled by health care costs?

It's ironic beyond words that American companies based in Ireland can be more competitive because they don't have to pay the prohibitive U.S. health insurance costs for their Irish workers.

Want to find out more about Irish health care plans?

Visit the Irish Health Authority Website at http://www.hia.ie/ci/search_app

A public information blitz has been launched in Ireland urging everyone to contact their doctor and receive the H1N1 vaccinePA