Is tú díolta leis na Gallaibh. The famous refrain curses those that have sold Ireland like a cheap prostitute. The warning has never been so apt as now, in an era of existential crisis for Ireland. And a curse on the gombeen politicians that follow non-sense pop-economic thinking and have undertaken to leave the Irish people asset-less.

In the last 20 years, Ireland has sold off half of its commercial enterprises for a measly €8.3 billion, and is now entering into negotiations to sell off a big chunk of the other half of what's left.

Ireland's public financial institutions were among the first to be sold: ICC Bank, TSB Bank, Irish National, ACC Bank and Irish Life. They're gone to non-Irish interests.

Ireland's sugar company, Greencore, was sold off completely--along with its various retail food operations. The Petroleum Company was sold in keeping with a global trend that sees the further consolidation of an international energy cartel. Irish Steel was sold. Aer Lingus was sold, with the government retaining only 25 per cent in the airline. Éircom was sold as well.

Now a whole new round of fire sales is being planned. Ireland now stands to lose its Coillte (forests), Mona (native energy), Bord Gáis (gas reserves), the ESB (electricity), the Dublin Airport Authority, and the VHI (national health insurance) to outside profiteers.

What is Ireland if its natural resources are owned by non-Irish citizens?

díolta leis na Gallaibh