The middle east has seen governments violently, or turbulently fall because they have no means to change other than getting out in the streets.

Ireland has shown the way that revolutions, within a framework of a constitution can be started at the ballot box, rather than with a bullet box.

The good citizens of Ireland have tried to bring a revolution to their country within their political system. Irish voters made a fundamental change to their leadership by the electoral kicking to the curb of Fianna Fail. This is the established and well entrenched political party, who the people of Ireland blame for the dismal financial situation among other failings in their country.

This election opened the door for "new" leadership to step in. There is the "talk" of new direction and change, but talk is cheap and will this change bode well for the citizens of Ireland? Will it be change that the people desire? Or is it another political shell game?

But the question is, was there a real choice put on the ballot for the people of Ireland to enthusiastically support? Or is this just change for the sake of change and ominously for the politics of this country, there were no better options for the people to vote for.

People need to see their governments act for the citizens best interests, be fiscally responsible, have honesty and integrity so the citizens can trust their leaders.

To our Brothers and Sisters in Ireland. If this new group of leaders doesn't produce the type of government you desire, you can look to America and how we went about making fundamental change to our politics. We started the Tea party and forced the established ones to listen to us. We defeated many of the complacent double talkers and put in a new crop who promised to carry out our wishes. They have a little time to prove themselves and if they don't come through, we will get a new bunch in.

Courtesy of Thomas Jefferson: "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing."

Courtesy of our American sage, Mark Twain: "Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason."