Bolivia's Evo Morales w/Irans Ahmadinejad
While attention has been focused on the murder of our ambassador to Libya and violent anti American demonstrations against our embassies overseas.....Those same anti American tentacles have been quietly grabbing hold in our own back yard.

With little notice in the main stream media, Iran has been cementing it’s relationships with regimes in Venezuela & Bolivia, both countries under the control of strongmen friendly to communism.  Iran is a main funder of terrorism throughout the world, For them to gain a foothold in Latin America, does not bode well for peace in our hemisphere.

Recently I spoke with Bolivian elected representative Senator Carmen Gonzales.  She has had the courage to stand up and speak out about the repression besetting her country and it’s ever closer alliances with Iran.  She has been the object of continual harassment by the government for her vocal opposition; including being buried in lawsuits (18) designed to silence her.

Tell us about Iran's influence in Bolivia?
The influence of the Iranian theocracy in Bolivia is very wide and deep.  Iran has inked many agreements with Bolivia, both known and unknown to the Bolivian people.  I have demanded to know the extent of these agreements, but as of yet there has been no response from the leadership.   Iran is interested in our mining industry, gas and uranium.  Iran is interested in expanding its influence in Latin America, to provoke the United States. It is very advantageous to Iran to have the friendship of the Bolivian regime, with all of its natural resources, including uranium and being strategically placed in the center of the continent.

Sen. Gonzalez
But most people of Bolivia repudiate the Iranian regime: They abuse human rights, they do not respect their women and are dangerous to world peace and stability.
Recently Canada withdrew its embassy in Tehran in a clear sign that the civilized world will not tolerate the authoritarian practices of undemocratic and abusive Iran.

I am also worried as a Bolivian ,what may happen to the Jewish community here.
Recently, the Iranian defense minister was with our ruler, Evo Morales. That same minister is under orders for international prosecution, accused by an Argentine federal judge to be part of the deaths of hundreds of Jewish-Argentine AMIA (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina in 1994).

So, it is very dangerous for the Jewish community the fact that Bolivia has relations with Iran.

How do you see Iran’s influence shaping up in Latin America?
Our ruler Evo Morales hates everything that has to do with democracy, modernity and definitely hates the United States and what it represents. He and his regime have been dubbed the Taliban of the Andes and he himself is referred to as the Fidel Castro of the Andes. In 2008 he expelled the U.S. ambassador, Mr Philippe Golberg, in a clear sign that the Bolivian regime hates the U.S.

Since Bolivian leadership has signed agreements with Iran as well as Venezuela, there is clear worry that these countries can serve as bases for terrorist activities against neighboring countries and become a springboard for jihadism.  With Iran racing toward nuclear weapons capability, there is no doubt in many circles, that technology can filter to enemies of the US. The exporting of nuclear weapons technology to Latin America would cause huge political disruption to this region.

What can be done about this:
In Bolivia we do not like communism and citizens realized the mistake they made by giving the vote to Evo Morales in the last elections. Morales's agenda is the same agenda as Che Guevara: Establish a dictatorship the same style as Cuba. Che Guevara tried that here and we killed him for it.  Morales came to power cheating the people of Bolivia, lying that he would “change the system.”

I hope the Morales regime does not change the Constitution. In 2014 we are going to vote against him, and fire him from the Presidency. But only if he doesn’t change the constitution, like his ally Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. Legally speaking, he cannot run for the Presidency again.  We hope the people of the US see what is happening here and lend us their support.

The US is coming face to face with a decision about what to do with Iran’s race towards nuclear capability. A nuclear capable Iran not only means a threat to our allies in the mideast, it most surely means a threat to our friends and allies in Latin America.

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