Irish Pastoral Centre, Boston
By Kieran C. O’Sullivan, Immigration Counselor

Our immigration advocacy co-coordinator Sean Conroy and a few consistent volunteers have been continuing their efforts on immigration reform. On Monday night last they attended a Town Hall meeting hosted by Congressman Stephen Lynch in South Boston. They brought the issue of immigration reform to the Congressman’s attention and asked that it remained a priority.

We ask all readers to look up your local member of congress, call them or write a letter asking them to support immigration reform. Anyone willing to help out in the advocacy work can email him:

Selective Service – you may face criminal prosecution

A couple of people who attended our legal clinics over the past year had failed to file for Selective Service. Registering with selective service is a very important matter. Males over 17 and under 26 at the time you get your green card, must register for Selective Service. If you do not register, you may be subject to criminal prosecution. If convicted, you could be deported and failing to register may prevent you from becoming a US citizen.

Marriage Immigration cases

Applicants for legal status based on marriage to US citizens are now getting called within months of filing for an adjustment of status. We remind couples who are thinking of this process not to delay filing for status. Being married to a US citizen in itself does not confirm any status on an immigrant or any protection from removal from the USA by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Criminal cases can lead to deportation

Legal permanent residents are reminded that you can lose your green card and be deported if you commit certain acts or crimes. This is an area that has grown very serious for green card holders in recent years. Many offenses deemed minor by the general public are now classed by US immigration courts as felonies; conviction for a felony may be held as a deportable offense. Offenses deemed deportable include, but are not limited to: theft or fraud, seriously injuring another person, sex offenses, and drug offenses, having an illegal firearm, entering the US illegally, or helping people enter the US illegally.

Citizenship cases for Senior Citizens

We’ve had a number of senior citizens approach us this month with a view to becoming US citizens. Some have felt bad that they have resided here for decades without taking out US citizenship. We’re happy to provide help to seniors on their applications and encourage anyone who has been putting it off to contact us today.

Free Legal & Immigration Clinic - October

Our next free immigration clinic will be on Tuesday Oct. 1, 2013, at The Banshee, 934 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester. Attorneys Chris Lavery and Dan Harrington will be present to answer queries on all aspects of immigration and US citizenship. We will also review legal permanent residency and US citizenship applications on that evening. All information remains confidential between our service users and probono attorneys.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in it is provided to inform generally, and is not intended as a substitute for individual advice. Immigration law is subject to frequent changes and individual circumstances can affect the application of certain legal provisions. For individual legal advice, please contact the Irish Pastoral Centre directly regarding upcoming legal clinics or consultation with an immigration attorney.