Summer Volunteers at the IIIC

The IIIC, which began 24 years ago as a group of volunteers, continues its work today in that same tradition and this summer, the Learning Exchange Program team was lucky to be joined with two brilliant volunteers.

Chelsea Reilly traveled to Boston this summer from Galway to visit family and was introduced to the IIIC by her cousin, Darren Geraghty, who volunteered with us last summer. She helped out with the J-1 summer and Wider Horizons programs sharing her unique perspective from home with staff and Irish visitors to the Center. “The atmosphere is very nice [at the IIIC]. It’s so welcoming,” she said. Chelsea returns to Ireland this week and hopes to start her studies at the University of Limerick in the fall.

Mairead Kiernan, a native of Massachusetts, is studying economics and French at Tulane University in New Orleans. Mairead worked with our J-1 Irish Work and Travel participants on their job search and was a huge help to our department assisting these graduates. She will now travel abroad to spend her fall semester studying in Paris. “I really have enjoyed working here. A lot of people trust you to do contribute to the Center’s work and it made me feel more confident in myself, “ Mairead said.
We really appreciate all of the hard work of these two young ladies. They have been such an asset to the LEP department and we wish them all the best in the future.

As our current volunteers finish their time with us, the IIIC will be looking to fill their shoes in order to support the work of the Center’s staff. If you are interested in volunteering with the IIIC, please visit our website : Volunteer Section