A word map of the silly names in New Zealand people tried to call their children.

Irish people living abroad after have a terrible time when people go about pronouncing their names. For example names like Aoife, get pronounced A-O-FEE or Siobhan turns into SIGH-O-BAN. There are even cases where Maireads are simple renamed Mermaid but at least you've not been called Messiah, Fear, or MC on your birth-cert.

Baby naming in New Zealand just got so silly that the country’s births, deaths and marriages department, part of the Department of Internal Affairs, had to extended its list of unusual names that parents were not allowed to Christen their child with

For your enjoyment here's our top ten worst names that have been banned in New Zealand:

III (The Third)
Queen Victoria
. (full stop)
Mafia No Fear
(star symbol)

So remember, the next time you get annoyed over a vowel laden Irish name think to yourself well at least I'm not called 89. 

Source: Irish Times