Obama has maneuvered the narrative of the fiscal cliff talks as being a war between the rich and the middle class.  Obama claims to be on the side of the middle class and the GOP, the party of the “rich."

The mainstream media of course, always on the look out for a simplistic headline to rally around, can carry this message forward to further marginalize the Republican Party.

It’s time for the party to be bold and call Obamas bluff. Instead of going through the death of a thousand cuts, come out and put something on the table that all Americans can get behind: Call for the end of all corporate welfare. These “entitlements” are costing taxpayers an estimated 100 billion dollars per year. See Cato report

Entitlement programs/the welfare state is the driver behind the huge debt of America... Corporate welfare IS an entitlement.

If the Republicans can be bold enough to put this on the table, they can then demand from Obama, cuts to other entitlement programs.  This will deflate the class warfare meme that has worked so well against the Republicans.

After all, why should the American middle class be paying for huge subsidies to corporations that hire thousands of lobbyists who shower politicians of both parties to vote more corporate loopholes?

At the same time all of the billions of dollars in “green subsidies” can be ended, including the subsidies for the rich who buy expensive electric cars.  Why should the middle class pay for the rich when they buy their toys?  Average income for an electric car buyer is $174,000.  Why should a middle class taxpayer put up 7,500 per car to entice a wealthy person to buy an electric car?

Why should the middle class by paying 26.00 per gallon for “green” fuel supplied to the military when they can get that same fuel for 3.50 per gallon?

The giant retailer Wal-Mart has more workers enrolled in many state Medicaid programs—which are supposed to be reserved for poor people—than any other employer. Why should the middle class be subsidizing Wal-Mart?

Instantly the Republicans will gain credibility with Americans.  They can stand toe to toe with Obama, look him straight in the eye and say:  “We are willing to put Americas future first are you?”

Nothing short of boldness will work now, otherwise it will be another kick the can down the road and Americans will be more disillusioned than ever with their leaders in Washington.