When Obama ran for President the first time, he was the fresh face promising hope and change. He didn't have a record of accomplishment to match his flowery speeches. Many overlooked the vacuum of Obamas past qualifications & executive experience in their eagerness to elect the well spoken, but little known freshman Senator from Chicago.

This time is different, he will have to explain and defend his record as President of the United States....and he has a lot of explaining and defending to do. Blaming Bush for everything is not going to work anymore.

President Obama is in re-election mode and the rhetoric is getting ratcheted up. It is plain the President and his political advisers know he can't win by running on his record. So their default battle plan will be negative. The tactics will be classic divide and conquer. Use class warfare to split up the populace, pit one segment against the other, fracture the citizens and try to win the election.

We got a dose of those tactics when the latest budget was put forth. Immediately, the claim was made that old people would starve, children would be denied health care and people would be thrown out on the streets, yada yada yada, yawn....Obama himself was leading the charge and all of this in response to an attempt to balance the budget.

In a time when the citizens of the U.S. should be pulling together, they are being pulled apart for political manipulation. The "haves, ie: the "lucky" and the have nots" will be center stage. The entitlement classes are drawing their battle lines and Obama will take advantage of this.

The best leaders know that you appeal to the higher character of the people, inspire them to greatness. As President Kennedy said in his most inspirational speech: "Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Now that's the way to galvanize the people.

President Obama, the country needs an inspirational leader. Be a uniter, not a divider.