Franz Sebastian Haselback
The Hunt Museum at Limerick's custom house has unveiled a collection of black and white photography which showcases images from the War of Independence, the Civil War, Home Rule meetings, British soldiers parading in Sarsfield Barracks, and meetings of the Irish Volunteers.

The images were taken by Franz Sebastian Haselback, a photographer of German decent. The images were taken in the early 1900s. His collection included original prints and negatives charting events in Limerick and the mid west.

A group of ladies and a gentlemen cycling through the countryside close to Killarney in September 1911.

The collection have been preserved and restored by Haselback's granddaughter Patricia.

"He always had a great interest in photography and this would have begun from an early age. My grandfather lived from 1885 to 1973 and grew up in Limerick in Wolfe Tone Street where four generations of our family lived," Patricia told the Irish Independent.

"I promised my father on his deathbed that his father's work would be shown on display," she added.

Members of the Royal Irish Constabulary on parade in 1913.