Hannity & O'Reilly
 Since television was first introduced to the US, it was immediately seized upon and dominated by three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC.  Television news commentators were invited into every home in America. We knew them as Cronkhite, Rather, Mudd, Couric, Brokaw and dozens of others, all dutifully reading their scripts on our screens. Telling us "all the news we needed to know."

They dominated the information we received, especially when teamed up with the New York Times and CNN. 

But then a great entrepreneur by the name of Murdock noticed the unholy alliance that had gripped control of America’s information media and decided to throw a bombshell into the middle of it. He introduced Fox News to America.

Although not a broadcast channel with the audience that the 3 entrenched networks had, Fox News propelled itself into huge popularity on cable television.  Many say it spearheaded the popularity of cable television. 

All of a sudden viewers, many of whom thought they were being read propaganda by the broadcast channels, were able to hear another side of the story.  The popularity of Fox News grew like wildfire as people flocked to hear the other side of the story, or as Fox likes to say “Fair and Balanced” coverage of the information.

Names with an Irish twist to them like Hannity, O’Reilly, Kelly, Guilfoyle, Crowley & Buchanan give Fox a crew of talented, fearless, journalists,  who don’t back down from a fight.  In fact they live for the political brawls and relish challenging the status quo.

The addition of Fox & internet news sites to the information medium  has caused a revolution in the way news is received and now questioned by the public.  CBS news anchor Dan Rather found this out the hard way when he was caught trying to take down George Bush with a false hit piece just prior to the 2008 presidential election.  As a result Rather lost his job,  CBS suffered a huge black eye and loss of its credibility.

The exposure of Dan Rather’s attempt to sway the Presidential election with false and misleading information has shown how vulnerable the public has been for years of having 3 major news networks all with a liberal bias.   The Fox presence, along with internet news sites have exposed this bias thousands of times as they cover stories the main stream media chooses to ignore.

The inconvenient truth facing the main stream media today,  is that the information they were able to mete out to the American public,  is now available to millions unfiltered through Fox and alternative information sources. The main stream media lost its stranglehold.

Imagine the comfort of the Obama administration, if pugnacious Sean Hannity wasn’t around to inform us how dire the Libyan embassy situation really is, as well as expose the whole Obama Mideast policy disaster? 

Or if Bill O’Reilly wasn’t pointing out that our leader has left Washington leaderless.  While he plays over a hundred rounds of golf we sank into 16 trillion in debt without a budget for 3 years?

If Megan Kelly wasn’t warning us about Obama’s justice department’s involvement in the Fast and Furious gun running scandal?

Or Pat Buchanan’s warning we are losing the battle of civilizations as the Obama administration kow tows to foreign powers, while cutting the legs out from beneath our friends and allies?

Or Kimberly Guilfoyle keeping her cool as left wing nut Leo Terrell, unleashed a tirade of invective as he got caught in her special brand of logic.

Thankfully Fox News is here getting stronger all of the time, countering the dishonesty dished out by the main stream media. Keeping it fair and balanced.

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