It seems the spontaneous protesters that show up in state capitals, splintered off and metastasized in front of the Fox News studios in New York City.

These organized knots of people all seem to have in common, besides carrying signs of our elected leaders depicted as Nazis, is their hatred of Fox news.

Besides the usual stock chants at these gatherings, it seems the second most popular mantra in all of the locations across the USA is Fox lies! Loud enough to attempt to drown out the Fox reporters and they thrust their signs in front of television cameras. One Fox News reporter in Madison was jostled and hit by the unruly crowd in an attempt to intimidate and silence him.

Fox News decided to send out their intrepid reporter Jesse Watters & his camera man onto the street in front of their 'Fox news headquarters in downtown New York City. They thought it would be a good idea to give individual members of the chanting crowd a chance to air their grievances against Fox news.

Watters asked the crowd to be specific, exactly what has Fox lied about? One of the crowd said that Fox lies about everything. Watters asked him to name just one thing Fox lied about, be specific. The answers were generalities only, nothing specific, all they could chant was Fox lied.

During his interview with Bill O'Reilly, Watters said:

"It was like an angry hostile mob when I arrived out there. They were chanting slogans, trying to drown me out. Once I drilled down though they didn't really know what they were talking about. They were basically drones. They chanted that I was a fascist, a prostitute, a Nazi. The thing was organized by the SEIU, They get inbox e-mails and all of a sudden they flood the Fox News zone with these placards from God knows where. And it was really unclear what their agenda was. It was basically that Fox News was supporting Walker and his union-busting techniques."

So lesson for the day: At least know what you're chanting about, you never know when you may get a pop quiz.