Duggie & Ben, best friends in Donegal (Credit:Best Photo's Of Baltimore Ireland)
The National Geographic TV show “Unlikely Animal Friends” has stumbled across some adorable local celebrities on Tory Island, County Donegal. Ben the Dog and Duggie the Dolphin are best of friends and frolick and swim together for hours off the northern island.

Even Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan gives his two cents on this loveable duo who have struck up an inseparable friendship.

However, Ben and Duggie aren’t a new celebrity duo, they were featured on the BBC show Countryfile last year but the new footage of the pair at play really gives more of an insight into their relationship.

Ben the dog will follow Duggie miles off coast and swim for hours, often exhausting himself, but his friend the dolphin will always make sure he gets back to shore. As the show states, “When the dog exhausts himself swimming, his dolphin friend lends a hand to get him back to shore.”

Click here to watch the clip from the National Geographic TV Show.

Below watch a clip of Duggie and Ben in Tory Island