My man is addicted to pain meds

Dear MTN,

I really need your help. I've been dating a great guy for a year. We have seen each other every day since we met. I just recently found out something disturbing though and I do not know how to handle it...

My boyfriend needed me to buy him something with his money so I went into his wallet to get the money that I needed. I saw a couple of prescriptions for pain medication already filled out in his name. I know he got into a car accident last year and sometimes he mentions that his back hurts, but he never said he was taking pain meds.

Do I tell him I saw the prescriptions? Or just start looking for signs of a problem?

I really do not want to lose him since things are going so well, but if he has a problem with drugs, I really want to know about it. 

Thanks for your help.

 - Sue

Dear Sue,

Since he asked you to buy something for him, I see no reason why it would be a problem that you went into his wallet. Asking him a simple question about what you saw should not be a problem, unless he does have a problem with it.

Since you obviously care a great deal for him, I would suggest letting him know right away that if he does have a problem, that you will be okay with whatever he tells you; that way you will not have to worry about him lying to you.

This is such a huge problem nowadays that if he does need help there are plenty of options for him to get help. If you are planning on being there for him if that is the case I am sure that it will be a great comfort for him. This situation might even turn out to bring you both closer. Best of luck to him.

I will say a prayer for him.

 - MTN