IIIC & CARE Partners with Cathedral Cares 
Merchants and artisans of Ulster stock founded the Charitable Irish Society in 1737 with the express purpose of assisting fellow Irish immigrants in the traumatic process of settling in a strange new city and country. Now in its 275th year and the oldest Irish organization in North America, the Charitable Irish Society remains committed to its original Mission. In an effort to recognize and encourage continued collaboration the Charitable Irish Society instituted in 1997 the Annual Silver Key Awards which honors ndividuals who have made significant contributions to the immigrant community. The award ceremonies will be linked with an annual fund-raiser and the proceeds will be dedicated to assisting various programs and individuals in need.

For more than a quarter of a millennium, the Society’s central mission has been to assist newly arrived Irish immigrants to Boston, most recently by providing support in the areas of employment, housing, education, finance, health and law.

In recognition of the Society’s mission, the Silver Key Award is conferred annually upon individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication in helping new immigrants. This year's event honored Lynn Finn,Connell Gallagher, Siobhan Gallagher, Mary E. Kelleher, and Kevin Leary.

Lynn Finn's service as a community clinical nurse working with low-income, elderly, and immigrant populations in Boston makes her an excellent candidate for the Silver Key Award. Connell and Siobhan Gallagher are the creators and publishers of the Irish Emigrant newspaper which provides a tie to home while covering the activities of Boston area Irish-related groups and information on support services available to new immigrants. Mary Kelleher and Kevin Leary both identify with those who have obstacles to overcome and have a talent for being truly present to those they encounter who are facing hardship, grief, or personal struggles. Their work with immigrants and native born Americans has been exemplary. 

Congratulations to Lynn Finn,Connell Gallagher, Siobhan Gallagher, Mary E. Kelleher, and Kevin Leary for being the 2012 recipients of the Silver Key Award.