But it is legal!

Despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence pointing the finger of guilt at Casey Anthony, the jury returned a not guilty verdict in the sensational murder trial.

Ms. Anthony was accused of killing her Daughter, little Caley, by either chloroform or wrapping duct tape over her nose and mouth to smother her, possibly while she was locked up in the trunk of her Mothers car. The Mothers defense/story was full of lies and deceit, straining the boundaries of credibility to any thinking person. Parents especially would find Ms. Anthony's alibi beyond bizarre.

Some might think this is a big win for the American justice system, that it is better to let off 1,000 guilty, in order to free that one innocent. If that's the case, then we have 999 more to go before the law of averages kicks in.

But others think it shows how the manipulation of truth and credibility can find the weak points in the judicial system and free the guilty. How money and fame can draw out of the woodwork, lawyers who artfully use chloroform on a jury (without killing them) long enough to get the not guilty verdict. I do not use the "innocent" verdict purposely.

But in the hermetically sealed courtroom, jurors are only allowed to see and hear what the judge and attorneys want them to hear and they are only allowed to find a verdict on the menu that the judge allows them to find. The prosecution has a high mark to reach in order to show overwhelming guilt.

The defense attorney in this case, only had to cast a shadow of a doubt that the defendant just might not have done the crime. Evidently he did just that and his client will walk free.

In the meantime, Caley Anthony is dead and there is no justice for her. So kudos for the American legal system? I think not.

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