British woman, Jane Holmes, plans to ditch her second husband for her love of west of Ireland boy band group Westlife. The boy band announced they would go their separate ways last month. 

Holmes says she is "addicted" to the band. She has eight tattoos of the Irish group and has spent £30,000 traveling around the UK to see them on tour.

Her husband told her "Choose Westlife or me."

The 44-year-old fan opted for the Westlife instead of her man according to reports in the Daily Mirror.

She said "I think he thought I was joking but he soon realised I wasn't. I always get stopped in the street and he couldn't hack the attention I was getting.

"The concerts take up a lot of my time and money. Westlife are a really big part of my life. I'm completely devoted to them and the tattoos are my way of showing my loyalty. I like to think I am their biggest fan.

"It's my only hobby. I don't smoke, I don't drink, so Westlife are my only addiction."

Here's a video of their most popular song: