U2's Bono photographed with a group of Africa school children

Ireland’s Bono, the international superstar of music and philanthropy, has always used his status to bring attention to world poverty and illness.

He played a key role in bringing international relief to Africa as it struggled with the AIDS epidemic; it is said he is responsible for saving millions of lives through his efforts.

Known for his philanthropy as much as his creativity in the music field,  Bono has drawn together quite a far flung army of volunteers in his war on poverty and disease.   Under his tent, he has brought world leaders, rock stars,  soccer moms and evangelicals, all united in goals to make the world a better place.

But through his experience in bringing aid to those in need, it seems Bono has had an awakening, perhaps Biblical in proportion best summed up by:

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Bono, during a speech to students at Georgetown University, declared his altered view on political and economic issues, by saying: ONLY capitalism can end poverty:

"Aid is just a stopgap," he said. "Commerce/ entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid. We need Africa to become an economic powerhouse."

Bono encouraged the students to think of what they can do to support those in Africa and other 3rdworld countries in need of justice and comfort….

As if writing a lyric to one of his songs, he said:

"Because when you truly accept that those children in some far off place in the global village have the same value as you in God's eyes or even in just your eyes, then your life is forever changed, you see something that you can't un-see."

Bono wields tremendous world influence and his awakening on capitalism can signal a ground shift on how world aid organizations actually find long term cures for poverty and disease, rather than putting a band aid on it.

Bono signaled appreciation for another world famous capitalist during an interview last year with Mike Huckabee:  "America needs Reagan-like statesmanship that is so missing."…See story here. 

President Reagan valued the magic and power that entrepreneurial capitalism brought to the standard of living for mankind throughout the world. 

Sounds like Bono has seen the light.

Here's the video of the Georgetown University speech: