Posted by wolfhound at 5/20/2009 2:06 PM EDT

As fast as my paws can hit the keyboard, the clergy child abuse scandal in Ireland is EXPLODING.

It's worse than anyone could have imagined. The numbers are staggering, and the emerging details of the coverups by Church bigwigs will be the next Cardinal's red shoe to drop.

What unholy monsters! What hypocrites! What sickos! God, it turns my stomachs!

You know, as bad as it the abuse itself was/is, you can ALMOST make sense of it. I've met a lot of big people in government, in religion, in finance -- and so I know what mental illness is. And these priests involved are sick, sick, sick! And they should have had the net thrown over them at first report and been taken off to where the doctors are. And -- heaven help me -- I'd hope that they could come out some day and be the better for it, even though none of their victims ever will be.

But that's what happens in an addled and fouled mind, and to a big extent, it's just that: SICKNESS. Yes, yes, yes -- add as many sins to the toteboard as you'd like, but Wolfie says you've got to take a person's illness into account. Doesn't mean we'll want to see him again any time soon, doesn't mean it was "Oops, sorry ... My bad!" and we're done. DOES mean that these terrible tormentors are a tormented lot themselves. Their lives were fekked when they touched their first kid, and don't think they didn't know it. They knew it was wrong, like a long-sobered-up man trying a pint. Fekking obsession they couldn't control, not without some pills and shots and years of facing a shrink.

So, that's them.

What about the REAL rats? The red-hatted, do-nothing, holier-than-you-are high-lifers in the Cardinals' and Bishops' "offices in their lovely furnished and air-cooled "rectumry?"

THEY'RE the ones who should be strung up by their pointy heels. THEY have done what is truly unforgiveable. THEY KNEW! THEY COVERED IT UP! THEY LET THE SICKOS OUT OF THE ASYLUM AND TRANSFERRED THEM TO ANOTHER PARISH! THEN TO ANOTHER AND ANOTHER!

They call it "pastoral care." More like "pasture-al shyte!"

What were they thinking? Or is that the answer? Maybe THEY'RE the devils, the Satans they're always on about who've made US stray -- unless we listen to the words of His Pre-Eminence and His Ass-Holiness!

Here's the Holy Gospel according to The Wolfhound: Get the sickos into the hospital and if there's a way to make 'em better, let 'em get better. They don't get any free pass after, and they have amends to make that really can't ever be amended. But if healed, they can TRY. If that's the best we get, that's the best we get. No such thing as 200%.

As for the criminal, evil, conspirators who saw it all happen and sat on their fat arses, THEY CAN BURN.

And I don't mean in Hades.