In the Newtown Connecticut School shooting, when 911 was called, help came.  

When Americans called 911 while under attack in Benghazi, no one came to help.

One stays in the headlines of the media, the other one is quickly forgotten.

After watching the Benghazi dog and pony show hearings yesterday in Washington, it is apparent the citizens of the United States will never get the truth out of this administration.  The absence of details as to exactly what happened before, during and after the Benghazi murders, is astonishing. Such as: Orders were given to not help Americans under attack in Benghazi.  Who gave that order? Why?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had 4 months to skirt answering any questions on Benghazi:, reasons given: A wine tasting tour in Australia, a bout with the flu, exhaustion, a concussion, a blood clot and many think she would have come down with the “vapors,” had not her 25 million campaign debt been retired earlier this week.

She appeared at the hearings yesterday ready to not really answer any of the glaring questions, but only to obfuscate and run out the clock. Her quip of:  "What difference does it really make" as to why Americans died in Benghazi showed a callous disregard for the disaster that happened under her watch.

Conveniently each politician had only a few minutes to ask a question of Hillary and get an answer.  Most of the questioners couldn’t resist their time in the spotlight to get long winded and as a result, didn’t have time to follow up when Hillary gave a non answer.

Was this by design or just incompetence?

The main stream media has been a willing accomplice to this administrations attempt to bury Benghazi and doesn’t have the appetite to upset the apple cart of lies and deceptions.

Only when there was a hint of sex scandal involving CIA chief Petraeus and his paramour, did Benghazi temporarily get elevated to front page news by the “bread and circuses” media.

But the media has been front and center in the war on “assault” rifles.

The Newtown shooting has captured the medias attention and fits hand in glove with the pre planned assault on the 2nd amendment.

Every detail that fits into the narrative the media is trying to foist on the public, is made known and kept on the front page……Every truth and detail of the Newtown shooting that does not fit the agenda is buried.

Such as where is the drug screen test of the shooters blood?  It seems many of these mass shooters had a cocktail of anti depressant/psych meds in their bloodstreams at the time of their crimes.  Coincidence?

What other warning signs about the crazed lone gunmen are being overlooked in the rush to assault law abiding citizens gun rights?  What violent video games did he obsess on? Did mental health professionals know about his potential violent blow up?

As a result of the Benghazi hearings yesterday, we know we are not being told the truth.  We also know we are not being told the whole truth about the Newtown Shooting.  Is there any journalistic curiosity left in the main stream media?

That’s what the difference is Hillary, there is a double standard in the media when it comes to what truth they want America to hear.