The Beara Irish Brew Company is an exciting new brewery-in-planning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire which already boasts award winning beer made using Irish Barley Malt. The company now hopes to raise funds through a Kickstarter campaign to open a larger scale brewery.

The Beara Irish Brew Co (BIBC) is run by Michael Potorti and his wife Louise who hails from Bere Island just off the Beara peninsula in Co. Cork. On the couple’s many vacations back to Louise's home over the years, they were impressed by the quality of local dairy produce and in particular, the grain products. They came up with the idea of making their own beer back in New Hampshire, using Irish Barley from Beara. And thus, the Beara Irish Brew Company was born.

The couple now import genuine Irish Barley malt and make a selection of finely crafted beers using locally sourced ingredients. Their current offerings include the Award winning Castletown Honey Brown Ale. Named after Castletownbere in Cork, the brew is an Irish ale malt base with flavorful grains and pure honey. Their Baruil IPA (Irish Pale Ale) has an Irish malt base with other grain additions from Munich/Vienna and is made with three different hops in the process. The Hungry Hill Hefeweizen, made with Irish barley and German wheat/yeast, is their latest development and will be available in the near future.

Demand for produce is high, but because the current setup at BIBC is limited to brewing small quantities, the New Hampshire couple now need to expand their facilities. To deliver their beers to a wider market they need the equipment for a large-scale operation and they hope to raise funds through a Kickstarter campaign, which begins on July 4. is a website where people can give life to their projects through funds raised from the public. Beara Brew Company are hoping to raise $9,000 through their campaign, with those who donate receiving a gift in return. Depending on the amount you donate, you could receive a Beara Brewery Pint glass or even get a Beara Irish beer named in your honor.

With only a one-month window within which the target of $9,000 has to be raised, Michael and Louise are looking for support from the public. Kickstarter campaigns are only successful if the target is reached i.e. if Beara Irish Brewery raise $8,999 or less then the funds are returned to those who donated. Contributions, no matter how small, will go a long way to getting the business off the ground; even a couple of dollars could make the difference in making the campaign a success.

So if you would rather have a cold Castletown Honey Brown Ale instead of the inferior chemical-ridden beers being sold to the masses, then give your support to the Beara Brew Co Kickstarter campaign on July 4.

To contact the Beara Irish Brewery visit You can also follow the company on Facebook/Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest events.

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