In another arbitrary and illegal assault on America’s way of life, President Obama announced he will unilaterally toughen EPA regulations.

Excerpted from a report in the Guardian:

"Obama would direct the Environmental Protection Agency to begin regulating greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Coal-fired power plants are the single largest source of America's greenhouse gas emissions – responsible for up to 40% of carbon pollution – and have long been a target of campaigners.

The Obama administration has already taken steps to raising standards on new power plants. But it has balked until now at imposing tougher standards on existing power plants – a measure which would deliver the biggest cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

There was intense speculation ahead of Tuesday's speech about whether Obama would promise to curb emissions of existing facilities."

All of this based on a premise that there is global warming and it is caused by human activity.  This is not based on scientific fact and is hotly disputed by thousands of scientists and meteorologists around the world,  including 32,000 American scientists.  See Oregon Petition

Perhaps the Presidents announcement was timed to distract attention away from the many scandals surrounding the White House. But for whatever reason, it clearly illustrates America is evolving into a monarchy when the chief executive (King), can make a proclamation that will effectively place a hardship on millions of Americans with huge spikes in energy costs.

Bypassing the checks and balances of our republic by executive order, shows too much power is put in the hands of one person.

The goal of course is to model our policy after Europe where electric energy costs as a result of  green energy have forced some to choose between food or paying their electric bill.  See German finance minister declaring solar is the path to bankruptcy

Lots of talk about wind/solar/unicorn dust to take up the slack if coal is removed and other forms of fossil fuel are punished….But in reality, alternative energy at this stage of its technology will only compete as an energy source when all other energy competition is forced to subsidize them. See “EU’s Green Policies In Retreat

Additionally the reliance on natural gas if coal is taken out of the picture, refuses to recognize the price of gas has seen wild swings in the past. It will assuredly do it again without competition from a reliable supply of clean coal to keep it in line.

John Fay, an American in Ireland shows what will happen when the left imposes their will on a country’s energy policy with his excellent piece: “Irish people, shivering in their own homes, have only themselves to blame

The public needs to know what is in store for them if President Obama and the far left, achieve their goal of choosing energy winners and losers.   By first killing coal and then punishing other productive fossil fuels in order to usher in and subsidize "green energy," our modern society as we know it, can grind to a halt.

It is game changing and damaging to our society to let a small cabal of fossil fuel enemies decide that America’s most prolific source of cheap energy is no longer welcome to be used.....and then regulate it out of existence.

It is game changing and damaging to our society and our country to let this decision rest in the hands of one person.

America's energy future is far too important to be regulated by an executive order with an agenda.  Time to put a halt to energy legislation by regulation and let the rest of our branches of government be involved in these decisions.