Relive the magic or see what you missed,



Interceltic in New York

An amazing time was had by all who braved the freezing temperatures on a Saturday night last year in January 2010

The Interceltic Session was really something and certainly something you don't see all that often. The club was packed with people out for a night of music, dance, and fun."ceol agus craic"

I have been at several events and none to compare with the electric atmosphere of this event. It was nice to see so many people socializing and enjoying themselves. The room was packed and the floor was shaking with everyone joining in to learn the dances of the night. It was great to see Breandan O’Caollai, Deputy Consul General of Ireland, at one of his last events before moving back to Ireland, an informal gathering kicking off his shoes and having a pint, and the crew from Irish Network New York, Tara O’Grady and Una Moran.

Tara O’Grady & Una Moran

Irish Network New York

There were people from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, England, and Scotland and of course our fellow New York Clan. What made this a great event was the support of the many groups that came to support and spread the word about the event, such as Denis, and his assistants Rebecca and TJ from the New York Celtic Music Meetup Group

Brendan O’Caollai & T.J of New York Celtic Music Meetup

NY, Ireland Deputy Consul General of Ireland 2009/2010

Many thanks to Charles, Oliver, Leon and the rest of the gang from BZH New York for putting on such a terrific party--and for making us feel so welcome. For those of you who want to relive the magic or see what you missed,

2nd Annual Interceltic Festival of New York

BZH New York

A not‐for‐profit organization composed of Bretons and friends of Brittany

dedicated to promoting the culture, economy, history, tourism, and

Language of the Celtic nation of Brittany, and France.

The 2nd Annual Interceltic Festival of NY presented by BZH New York will again be

an evening of music and dance celebrating the common heritage, traditions, culture,

and story of immigration of Celtic people in New York City. Thirty musicians locally

based or from abroad, will create a ceilidh or fest noz like atmosphere highlighting

the dancing nature of Celtic music.

Last year’s edition set a standard as one of the most convivial and lively on the New

York Celtic music scene, while at the same time exploring and expanding musical

horizons by representing lesser‐known musical traditions from Celtic ethnic



Tony Demarco and friends, Fergus Begley, Thomas Moisson, Charlie LeBrun,

Nosa Terra, Niall O'Leary School of Irish Dance, Duo Tangi Saout/ Samuel LeHenanff

and many more…

The evening will also be an opportunity to promote the regions, culture, economy,

language, tourism and uniqueness of each individual Celtic nation.

Where: Tribeca Loft @ Bowlmor Times Square

222 West 44th Street (between 7th and 8th avenue)


Evening of

Saturday, January 29th (7pm – 3am)

Celebrating the music of Brittany, Galicia, Scotland and Wales in addition to the music of Ireland at the Interceltic Fest Noz was a unique event and having a large turnout was a spectacular success. The list of performers for the event was pretty impressive with over 40 musicians representing all the Celtic nations. So come out to the second celebration of song, music and dance 2011****************