Elections need to be conducted fairly
Democrats are fighting tooth and nail, any efforts to clean up our election system.  Just the simple act of proving you are an American citizen to vote, is being fought all of the way up to the Supreme Court by the Obama administration, in its attempt to thwart Arizona's voter ID laws.
The simple requirement to show identification when you register to vote/ vote is also being branded as unfair and racist by democrats
Is there anything more important to a democracy than ensuring the election system is being conducted fairly? Fair elections are the very heart and soul of a democracy.
If the elections are rigged, or manipulated, a democracy can no longer be called a democracy. It becomes a tyranny ruled by those who corrupt the election. As Joseph Stalin said: It is not so important who votes, what is important is who counts the votes
Recently it was revealed Florida uncovered an attempt to hack into its elections and hijack 2,500 absentee voter pamphlets. The intrusion was discovered and blocked before the ballots were sent out, but is this just the tip of the iceberg? See the complete story in Tech News World.
Election officials are saying this is the first documented case of online voter hacking.  But is this just the first one they found?  How many others were done successfully and election officials have no clue about?  Evidently it is quite simple to gain entry/hack into many election systems electronically; some don’t even have passwords for entry.
Fox News has been doing an excellent ongoing investigation into voter fraud in our country and the results are disturbing. Time after time, it is proving out where there’s smoke, there is voter fraud fire. What Fox News is discovering about our elections. See stories
A Cincinnati Ohio poll worker is being charged with voting 6 times in the last presidential election. This is a poll worker, someone who is trusted to watch over our elections.  What else did she do to throw the election? See story here.
This poll worker was one of 19 others in just this one county who is under investigation for vote fraud. "I'm outraged, and every voter, regardless of political affiliation, should be outraged," said Hamilton County Board of Elections member Alex Triantafilou, who is also chairman of the county Republican Party. "It causes folks to have real doubts about the fabric of our very democratic process, and it's dangerous.
Would this be uncovered if there wasn’t a member of the opposite party to raise an alarm and start an investigation?
Most of Americas big cities have been dominated by the democrat party for years.   One party rule engenders corruption, especially if that party oversees most aspects of the election process. The big cities are the population centers of the state, it is usually a huge hurdle for the rest of the state to overcome that advantage. Sometimes it comes down to a few votes in just a few counties to determine where all of that states presidential delegates will go.
Many years ago someone confessed to me towards the end of his life, that in his younger days he had been a player in the manipulation of votes in one of the largest cities in America.  He was part of an organized operation that threw out the contents of ballot boxes and filed them with their ballots, in order to assure their party prevailed. He felt guilt and shame many years later, but at the time he felt he was doing the right thing for his city and country....Probably the same way the Ohio poll worker felt when she voted for Obama 6 times in the last election.
When democrats say there is little, or minor vote fraud in the country, they are "misspeaking."  In one big city, Philadelphia, some poll workers actually threw out members of the opposite party sent to observe voting practices in their precincts. How can we have trust in the outcome?  Pennsylvania is a key state in presidential elections.
With the advent of electronic voting and counting, it not only makes it easier to manipulate our elections, it almost guarantees it, especially when you hear the lax protections in place to safeguard the systems.
First we need to clean up our nations voter rolls, get all of the dead, non existent and non citizens off the rolls who are voting. All of this should be done on a local level done under the close observation of both political parties. All registration of voters needs to be accomplished using verifiable identification.
Since absentee/electronic voting is the easiest way to manipulate/rig elections, these should be scrapped and we should require all elections be done at polling precincts using paper ballots that require to be hand counted and securely tallied....closely monitored by members of both parties.
States should also look at proportionally awarding delegates in presidential races, this will help negate the power of big city political machines that dominate an entire state.
Sadly, perhaps its time to emulate other countries who have had problems with corrupt elections: After voting dip the index finger of the voter in purple ink.