With the disclosures that large amounts of illegal voters are possibly tipping the balance of power around the country, the new Republican majority in legislatures throughout the nation are turning their attention to getting a handle on it.

It seems the status quo for voter requirements in many states is not having to provide photo I.D.'s when voting. What kind of madness is this? Just who does this help in this day of hi-technology, when anyone can claim they are a legal, registered voter without proving it? It opens the door for fraudulent votes that can effect the whole direction of the country. Furthermore what's to stop them from voting multiple times in multiple states. If there isn't a fraud proof, concrete way of determining who voters are we are lost as a country.

The hijacking of the American voting system of one American citizen one vote, has to end. It is not a burden to have to prove who you are, that is a ridiculous excuse.

Democrats say photo ID laws are unnecessary because there is limited evidence of voter fraud....Really? They claim Republicans are using the laws to disenfranchise poor and minority voters who may not have IDs and would vote for Democrats....What! How much does a picture I.D. cost? I am sure there is a government program somewhere in the swamp of deficit spending that would provide free govt. paid for I.D.'s.

The governors of South Carolina and Texas are poised to sign new state laws requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, who say such measures are necessary to prevent election fraud.

The South Carolina Senate voted to require voters to show a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, passport or federal military ID to cast a ballot. The bill now moves to Governor Nikki Haley, who says she will sign it.

In both states, Republicans control both chambers of the legislature as well as the governor’s office, allowing the proposals to become law despite fierce opposition.

And just what patriotic American citizen would fiercely oppose a way to fight voter fraud?

“The elections in November made a huge difference on this issue,” Tova Wang, senior fellow at Demos, a New York-based advocacy organization that works to defeat photo ID proposals.

Who is "Tova Wang" and what is "Demos"? Who would want our electoral system to be compromised by making it easy for voter fraud?

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, a Republican, already signed a voter ID plan into law in his state — a development that would have been unlikely last year, when Democrat Mark Parkinson was Governor. In Texas, previous attempts to pass voter ID had been blocked by minority Democrats in the House, but Republicans picked up a supermajority in November’s elections, leading to this year’s breakthrough.

GOP-backed proposals are still moving forward in Missouri, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and elsewhere.

One state at a time American citizens can take their country back. This is going to have to be the trickle up version of bringing sanity back to our election system. Because it certainly is not going to happen through Washington.