Posted by BrianBoru at 11/8/2009 2:38 PM EST

Yesterday, defensive tackle Ian Williams offered a candid answer in response to why the Irish were defeated by Navy. His answer? Notre Dame was "outschemed", according to Williams.

Well, evidently, Charlie Weis does not take kindly to one of his own players suggesting that he and his staff was outfoxed by the opposition.

Remember Charlie's infamous quote that he holds a "decided schematic advantage" against opposing coaches?

What did Charlie have to say when informed of Williams' comment during today's press conference? He bristled, "there's a reason why one guy's a captain and one guy's not".

Ouch. Publicly chucking your own players under the bus is not the best way to ensure that they will continue to fight for you, Charlie.

Incidentally, the other guy whom Weis was referring to was fifth-year senior safety and captain Kyle McCarthy. McCarthy, you see, suggested that the Irish were not outschemed. McCarthy, being from the old school, admirably protected his head coach — as difficult as that must have been in the face of overwhelming evidence that would suggest Ian Williams was indeed correct. Williams perhaps stepped out of line with his comments, but Weis is an adult. He ought to know better.

Congratulations for creating discord among your players, Charlie.

Interestingly, Charlie Weis authored a book entitled No Excuses. I suppose there are a few exceptions to that credo.