When the Pakistani Ambassador to the US was asked why his country was not able to apprehend Osama Bin Laden he asked why America had not been able to bring Whitey Bulger to justice.

It was a slap in the face for the FBI .

Now a tantalizing clue has emerged that Whitey may be hiding out in Ireland at least some of the time.

Time magazine has revealed Whitey Bulger has an Irish passport and the FBI has revealed that he has been using it in Europe.

Whitey, the South Boston mob boss, has been on the lam for over fifteen years since around the mid 1990s and is wanted for 19 murders.

He is at the top of the 'FBI Most Wanted' list with a $2 million bounty on his head.

He is believed to be traveling with his girlfriend Catherine Greig (pictured above with Whitey in a facial reconstruction by the FBI}.

Like with bin Laden and the CIA the FBI has a team dedicated to just finding him.

The Irish passport was obtained through his parents who were both Irish immigrants to the US.

The FBI have told Time magazine that they believe Whitey, now 81, is hiding out in Europe and is using his Irish passport to travel freely between countries in the European Union.

The FBI has said that the last confirmed sighting was in London in 2002 where he was seen working out in the gym of the Meridien Hotel in Piccadilly Circus.

From 1986 to 1994 Time reveals that Bulger traveled to Europe at least once or twice a year on his Irish passport.

The FBI say they have an idea of which country he is hiding out in but will not say.

However, it now seems that Ireland may be near the top of the list given his Irish roots and appearance.

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James ‘Whitey’ Bulger could be hiding out in Ireland - SEE POLL