Lost in all the hate mongering over the Gabbie Gifford shooting and killings are other factors that likely caused the crazed killer to go off.

I'm not talking about the political stands offs but rather what the youth of America are surrounding themselves with every day.

That is violent images.

When was the last time you saw a Hollywood movie without significant violence?

Just look at the box office at the moment, 'True Grit', 'Season of the Witch' 'The Fighter', 'Tron Legacy , all at or near the top are violence pocked movies which make a virtue out of killing and maiming.

Then don't even mention the video games kids play. The law of the games is to kill or be killed and if you haven't accumulated a hundred or so bodies by the end of the game, then you have been a waste of space.

Maybe it is as the ancient Romans believed that man is made to fight, first and foremost, over women, power, land whatever, hardwired for ever to seek combat and triumph

Maybe what we witnessed on Saturday last with the shooting was the natural outreach of that.

One thing for sure, we will find that the killer was desensitized to violence by movies and video games that proclaim it is cool and worth watching.

There are many Hollywood liberals who make movies that are exceedingly violent yet point the finger at Republicans for hate speech.

Their own creations are helping with the hate too.

Likewise, those major corporations who manufacture the video games and pretend, like the NRA they have nothing to do with the spread of violence in this country. They too need to look in the mirror if they dare to .

I won't hold my breath, but every time I think of that little nine year old girl killed in Arizona I ask myself if these games are just harmless fun as the movie makers and manufacturers would have us believe.

I think not. Like the NRA the makers know in their hearts that they too had a role in background to the deaths last weekend.