A vicious raft of rumors and innuendos about Phoebe Prince and her family are circulating in South Hadley and being peddled to the media, IrishCentral.com has learned.

This website has been approached by a well-known blogger who claims to have information from school files in South Hadley and to have spoken to teachers there.

The information being peddled is extremely damaging to the Prince family, and there is no evidence whatever, other than alleged conversations with teachers, to back it up.

Phoebe Prince hung herself on January 14 after prolonged bullying at the local high school. Six students have been charged in her death.

In one of his letters, the blogger states that teachers have given him the information from school files, and that the information has been confirmed to him.

The person concerned claims that he has handed the information on to The New York Times, Drudge Report and other leading outlets, and that stories will be published imminently.

However, IrishCentral has learned that no such stories are planned in at least two of the media outlets mentioned.

The latest effort to blacken the reputation of Phoebe Prince and her family is clearly being done in an attempt to influence the trial of the six defendants accused of harassing and bullying her before her death.

In addition, as we reported last week exclusively, there have been death threats and at least one attempt to injure Darby O'Brien, the spokesman for the Prince family who is a public relations consultant in South Hadley.

In one instance O'Brien revealed that a car had mounted the pavement while he was walking his dog and narrowly missed him.