Rory McIlroy as a poster boy for the Republican race for president in 2012?

That is exactly what top Republican strategist Matthew Dowd is advocating in National Journal this week.

Dowd writes "Before Rory McIlroy’s triumph fades in our memories, it’s worth considering the lessons the young Irishman’s U.S. Open victory offers for the 2012 presidential race.

"As he headed into the U.S. Open weekend, McIlroy explained that his strategy was to set an overall goal, do his best, play things out in small segments on the course (in his mind, three holes or so at a time), and not pay much attention to the leaderboard. This strategy served him well since he was able to hold the Open trophy after setting tournament scoring records.

"His approach could be a model for Republicans who want to take on President Obama in the 2012 general election. Setting a goal and then playing it out day by day is also great advice for living our lives."

Seems like Rory is taking on magical powers when it comes to the US media and political pundits!

Dowd does not stop there however even bringing McIlroy's mother into the campaign;

"Take the race in small segments as McIlroy did, and know that doing well in those segments adds up to achieving the overall goal.

"The nomination process for Republicans will be determined by many factors. But the election candidate who approaches the contest as McIlroy did is likely to end up playing in the final twosome in the fall of 2012 against President Obama. In the process, the election candidates should stay grounded and not take themselves too seriously.

" As McIlroy’s mom reportedly said to him over and over again growing up, and as I heard in my Irish household many, many times: “Get over yourself.”

There you have it ---McIlroy for 2012!