An Irish native from Donegal has been questioned by Irish police after it became clear his passport had been used by one of the Russian spies recently arrested in America.

'Richard Murphy' used the passport of Eunan Gerald Doherty on a recent trip between Vienna and Moscow after flying from the U.S. to Vienna where he was given the Irish passport which bore the the name of Doherty.

Doherty, a native of Carndonagh in Donegal, confirmed to Irish police that he had traveled to Moscow on vacation in the recent past but had no knowledge of whether his passport had been duplicated.

A local source told the Irish Times that, before Doherty travelled to Moscow, his passport was sent to the Russian embassy in Dublin for visa processing. It is thought he travelled to Russia in 2005.

There seems a strong likelihood that the Russian embassy in Dublin duplicated his passport and that it was later used for one of their spies.

Doherty, a fireman, told the authorities he had no direct knowledge that his passport had been used by Murphy who lived in Montclair New Jersey with his wife and two children. His wife Cynthia is also suspected of being a Russian agent. The couple are pictured above.

The 10 alleged spies have been charged with carrying out espionage in the U.S.