Barack Obama has to be careful he does not become a caricature, a president who continuously promises but never delivers.

Today he was at it again promising action on immigration reform and pledging to be a partner with Congress in ensuring that the current system will be changed.

We have been hearing a lot of promises from the Chief Executive of late but have yet to see one be delivered.

Yes, Republicans have been downright nasty and obstructionist in their tactics, but this is still a president who until November has a healthy majority in both Houses of Congress.

He is struggling with health care and unfortunately, immigration reform makes health care look easy by comparison. Yet if Obama gets neither this presidency may be a write off.

It was Machiavelli who wrote that great leaders need to be feared not loved. Obama's problem is that no one,not even in his own party are afraid of him. He's too nice, too accommodating, too ready to hear out every argument.

Well it's not working and he needs to come down from Kumbya land and get his hands dirty on some of this stuff. He is acting professorial, above it all and leaving Congress to do the sausage making while he awaits their deliberation with Olympian detachment.

It is simply a failed tactic. On healthcare he has been sidelined by a Republican minority that is using every legitimate trick on the book to prevent passage.

Now on immigration reform he is showing an alarming tendency to leave it all to Congress again. Both Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Lindsay Graham are able men, but asking them to get an immigration bill through Congress right now is like asking them to drive through a stone wall.

Only the president with his ability to arm twist and get results can make this happen. Obama needs to kick butt, get people in line and drive legislation through like Lyndon Johnston and Ronald Reagan did in their day --and he needs to start now.