Nasty little lash at the Irish in, the wanna be site over the Bloomberg drunken Irish faux pas.

The article written by Alex Balk says the mayor was right, the Irish are essentially drunks

“We all know how sensitive the Irish get when you bring up the fact that their greatest contribution to world culture is Bushmill's Single Malt. They get so angry and upset that the only thing that will calm them down is a nice, stiff drink. Or a drink of any kind, really; they're not picky.”

Balk says the mayor did little wrong.

“Still, this is one of those occasional moments where we feel for the mayor. Sure, it was a terrible attempt at humor, less hacky than half-formed. It contained none of the eloquence of the three wishes/pint of Guinness bit, or the one about the new pub where they get you laid. But this is Mike Bloomberg we're talking about here. ..

As for the lesson to take away from the whole thing the writer says “is that the only group who can make fun of Irish for being drunks is the Irish themselves, a fact that they happily demonstrate by their own actions every day at pretty much every bar in town with a shillelagh on the wall, the Chieftains on the jukebox and a watered-down bottle of Powers Gold Label near the cash register. God, those people really like their booze.”